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Acrylonitrile-butadiene styrene provides durability and chemical & tensile strength. It has incredible impact resistance, average heat & chemical resistance, is easy to process, and moderately priced. It is used to manufacture appliance housing, business equipment housings, automotive interiors, luggage, cassettes, domestic appliance housings, and furniture.



Acetal (polyoxymethylene) is comprised of acetal homopolymer and acetal copolymer. It is a very stable crystalline structure that boasts high heat resistance & modulus along with wear & solvent resistance. It is used to manufacture gears, cams, bearings, industrial wheels, plumbing fixtures, conveyor components, pens, buckles, and carburetor components.



Nylon (polyamide), is actually a label for a grouping of plastics. Nylon is a crystalline material, with good heat & chemical resistance, high wear resistance, easy processing, and a moderate price. It is commonly used in electrical connectors, gear, bearings, fluid reservoirs, fishing line, automotive oil pans, fabric, sportswear, and sports & recreational equipment.



Polybutylene terephthalate has a low polarity & water absorption and is highly resistant to many chemical solvents. It is typically used in computer keys, gears, cams, bushings, electrical connectors, pump housings, impellers, auto distributors, starters, and automotive headlight brackets.



Polycarbonates are long-chain linear polyesters, comprised of two six-sided structures. It is transparent by nature, with high heat resistance and durability. It has immense color stability and accepts the addition of flame retardants. It is often used in equipment housings, exterior automotive components, brackets, medical supply components, and plastic eyeglass lenses.

plastic polymer granules

PC Alloys

PC Alloys are a blend of Polycarbonate and other engineering resins. They have superior properties from each element of its compound. They are used in automotive applications, medical housings, industrial tool applications, and more.



TPV - Thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs) are fully cross-linked EPDM / PP compounds. These products are soft and rubbery with exceptionally good compression set, tensile strength, and heat resistance. TPVs can be used in applications requiring long term sealing performance at elevated temperatures.



Copolyester is an amorphous resin with excellent appearance and clarity. Its most outstanding features are excellent toughness, hydrolytic stability, and heat and chemical resistance. Copolyester can also be molded into various applications without incorporating high levels of residual stress.



Polysulfones are a family of thermoplastic polymers. These polymers are known for their toughness and stability at high temperatures. Polysulfone has one of the highest service temperatures among all melt-processable thermoplastics. Its resistance to high temperatures gives it a role of a flame retardant, without compromising its strength that usually results from the addition of flame retardants. Its high hydrolysis stability allows its use in medical applications requiring autoclave and steam sterilization.

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